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Benefits of Gymnastics

Young children learn better than adults. That’s a simple fact.

Introduce good habits at a young age and chances are children will grow really fond of them as the years go by. Gymnastics for kids is no exception! Working out and having fun at a gym is good for your child’s health and when motivated accordingly can become a good habit of your young one in no time.

Gymnastics for kids emphasising fun

Fun is a big part of the success. Gymnastics is a sport children can learn at a very young age. Starting with simple exercises as a toddler and gradually increasing the intensity and challenge, children usually love the sport in no time. East Surrey Acrobatics is a gymnastics club for children (and their parents) successfully combining fun and learning. Following the British Gymnastic award programmes, which are set up in such a way that participants are constantly one small step away from success, boosting confidence and slowly but steadily increasing ambitions.


A safe and challenging outlet for your kid’s energy

If you ever had a toddler or infant around you’ve probably come to realise how much energy they possess. Finding an outlet for all that energy is crucial for their happiness. Yet as young parents you probably don’t want the house to become your child’s playground. It’s not convenient for you as a parent – you deserve your rest once in a while, don’t you? – and, most of all, it’s not safe for your kid!

Our junior & toddler classes offer a professional playground built to satisfy your kid’s hunger for exploration set in a safe environment. Our fully qualified British Gymnastic coaches come up with all kinds of fun exercises that will really help your child’s development, no matter what their age is.


Physical, psychological and social benefits of gymnastics for kids

Apart from the obvious physical benefits, plenty of exercise also has social and psychological benefits. Our toddler & junior classes are team-oriented, with children learning to work together enhancing their communication & listening skills. Additionally this inevitably leads to new friendships being built outside of the school setting. These are great skills that will set them on their way in later life too.


Better school results

As children become successful they develop self-esteem and generally become more self-confident. Increased confidence is often reflected outside of the gym. In many cases, school results become better when children are happy and active.


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